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Compose Richtext is a collection of Compose libraries for working with rich text formatting and documents.

richtext-ui, richtext-commonmark, and richtext-ui-material|richtext-ui-material3 are Kotlin Multiplatform(KMP) Compose Libraries. All these modules can be used in Android and Desktop Compose apps.

Each library is documented separately, see the navigation menu for the list. This site also includes an API reference.


This project is currently experimental and mostly just a proof-of-concept at this point. There are no tests and some things might be broken or very non-performant.

The API may also change between releases without deprecation cycles.

Getting started

These libraries are published to Maven Central, so just add a Gradle dependency:

dependencies {

There is no difference for KMP artifacts. For instance, if you are adding richtext-ui to a Kotlin Multiplatform module

val commonMain by getting {
  dependencies {

Library Artifacts

The LIBRARY_ARTIFACTs for each individual library can be found on their respective pages.


Please check out Android and Desktop projects to see various use cases of RichText in both platforms.